CCTV Camera Solutions

Integrated Surveillance System


We provide integrated surveillance system which is not only long lasting but is also easily affordable due to its low cost. Thus, providing your business with best security solutions. Consumer’s satisfaction is our first and foremost concern and keeping this in mind we provide customers with the best and branded quality products/services. In the last 5 years we have completed more than 50 projects, that includes private as well as government clients. Apart from that we are highly known¬† for our after sale services that we provide to our customers.

We have designed our product in such a way that it provides specialised solutions in various sectors. For instance, our product comes with a feature called “centrally manageable locking system” which allows the security team of an organisation to lock the entire premises in case of any illegal/unauthorised activity detected in the camera. This feature plays a great role in the field of medical science where illegal activities like child abduction etc happens every now and then.

Getting Best Solution

Giving best solution to all our customers always help us to move ahead. Our engineers will help you to understand your exact requirement and provide you with better solutions. Getting the best and updated solution doesn’t only help you for the present but also help us to give you service properly in future.

Scalable Solution

Applying scalable solution helps you to keep your system up to date as you can change your existing technology easily without hampering the existing system. Grow your IT as you grow your business. Integrated solutions are always preferable if you are looking for cost effective and updated solution.

After Sales Service

Our after sales are categorised in two way. One is you will get one year AMC free if the project is done by our company or in any new installation*. We provide 97% up time and within 3 hours our engineer will resolve the issues. If you are looking for only AMC then call us for rates and site survey.

Surveillance System for Hospitals

Security in Hospitals is highly required. After experiencing 5 years in Surveillance System we have designed an integrated solution to cover entire departments of hospital. Our solution includes Indoor/Outdoor even ambulance are also integrated.

Solution for Chemical Manufacturing

Chemical areas are always risky. Proper action or alert is to be done in proper time otherwise it will lead to disaster. What if all these things are done by your Surveillance System Automatically. Our solutions are well designed for your chemical industries.


Construction is the process of constructing a building or infrastructure. Construction differs from manufacturing in that manufacturing typically involves mass production of similar items without a designated purchaser.