SAP Business One for Distribution

SAP Business One for Wholesale & Distribution

Being able to track and monitor business events in real time is critical for Distribution companies to respond quickly to emerging opportunities before it’s too late. Sending the right product to the right customer at the right time helps to maintain happy clients.SAP Business One is ideal for your small and mid-size company. This integrated enterprise resource planning solution (ERP) will allow you to better manage the substantial changes currently occurring in the field of distribution to prioritize better managing purchases and optimizing logistics. SAP Business One’s business modules offer you the functional architecture and needed options to correctly answer your specific industry’s challenges. You will hold the key to your business growth and be able to win over every challenge along the way.


  • Provides full details of historic transactions in order to analyze the buying behavior of customers in a more preciously and balanced stock levels as appropriate.
  • This system provides a robust solution for business management that provides secure functioning of inventory, sales,purchase, CRM, accounting, and financials.
  • SAP Business One automates and improves the entire business process with efficient inventory and warehouse reporting tools.
  • Enables streamlining of processes which allow companies to reduce errors, increase margins and save time thereby improving collaboration with customers.
  • This system has the feature of improved inventory control and material planning that reduces the inventory costs.
  • Information regarding invoices, goods receipt, customers and suppliers can be managed and analyzed without much effort using a single data source which allows you to keep a constant check on your business processes.
  • This system supports mobility and can be tailored according to particular needs of the business.

Manage your inventories to work seamlessly with operations: permanent inventories, multi-currency, multi-branch, multi-warehouse, multi-location and number of measuring units.

Improve your procedures and company logistics by using the MRP (Material Requirements Planning) functions, the WMS warehouse management tools, the various price point regulator, the sales price and price per unit functionalities and the lot and serial number management tools.

Manage accounted costs, multiple return programs for customers and suppliers, landed costs – Customs, insurance, transportation. For a more efficient and wise approach of refunds and costs.

Get real-time concise reports of average and standard costs, FIFOs and lot costs.