SAP Business One for Manufacturing


A complete solution for managing entire gamut of manufacturing proceses industry-wise. Meet growing customer expectations and bring products to market quickly using affordable, easy-to-use & all-in-one ERP solution. An enhanced manufacturing industry requires effective planning and strategizing of resources for smooth deployment of inventory, process management and resources. SAP Business One supports all basic requirements of a modern manufacturing business. It provides an integrated, fast and easy solution and all documents and reports needed for decision making for all divisions of medium and small business. In the manufacturing industry, SAP Business One helps in effectively managing bills of materials (BOMs), production orders and material requirements in a centralized ERP system.

Why Manufacturing companies should adopt SAP B1?

  • Supports light manufacturing, ETO, MTO, process, batch, assembly and mixed-mode manufacturing types.
  • Streamlines production and planning for better management.
  • Minimizes inventory carrying costs and avoids out-of-stock situations.
  • Calculates and improves the profit margin, resulting in overall business profit.
  • Gains higher machine and labor utilization rates.
  • Improves efficiency by streamlining entire manufacturing process from production to purchasing.
  • Tracks inventory and stock movements in real time.
  • Meets regulatory orders and guidelines to track, manage and report the manufacturing process.
  • Higher customer satisfaction ratio.
  • Real time reports helps in quicker and better decision making.


The biggest pain points of the cement industry are demand and supply coordination, rising power costs, performance of your captive mines, equipments and shifts, rising maintenance costs and planning freight and logistics. With an properly customized ERP solution like SAP Business One for the cement industry, address each one the pain point with precision


The roofing industry is one of those industries that require the material to be accounted for in more than one units of measurement. The requirements are generally specified in meters or sq.meters. Further, the marketing, sale and applications are all in length (meters) and area (sq.meters). The entire inventory and valuation of stocks are generally carried out in weight (kg ton). This is a very basic requirement of the industry and is well addressed in SAP B1. Generally, coil manufacturers sells coils on weight basis. Based on the gauge of the material, the width of the coil and the kind of material, the length of coil is theoretically calculated. SAP B1 takes this into account.

SAP Business One is a breakthrough in business management software built from the ground up for small and mid-sized businesses. SAP Business One is a single piece of software that puts business users in charge – so you gain increased control and achieve greater insight into your business. Automate and integrate all the critical functions of your organization including Manufacturing, Inventory, Finance and Accounting, Management, Purchasing, Banking and Customer Relationship Management. Solution components for the seamless integration to Quality Assurance / Quality Checking, Research & Development, Master Production Scheduling and compliance reporting functionalities are available.