SAP Leonardo

What is SAP Leonardo?

Unlock the Intelligent Enterprise with SAP Leonardo


SAP Leonardo is a combination of intelligent technologies, services, and industry expertise that can help you optimise your processes and resources – and ignite innovation in any area of your business.

Drive innovation with your data

Data is changing the way we live and work. See how SAP Leonardo lets you analyse your data in an instant, so you can automatically act on insights, rapidly address business challenges, and create new opportunities.

Leverage intelligent technologies

Use a mix of intelligent technologies – like machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), and blockchain – on an open cloud platform. Transform processes and business models to deliver the outcomes you need.

Improve business outcomes with the right mix of intelligent technologies

Learn more about SAP Leonardo intelligent technologies, from machine learning and the IoT to advanced analytics, and see how they work together on an open cloud platform.

Machine Learning

Build an intelligent enterprise with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities that unite human expertise and computer insights.

Internet of Things

Run a digitally-connected business. Collect and analyse IoT data from sensors and smart devices to transform business models, processes, and operations.


Get fast and accurate insights across your organisation with powerful tools for data visualisation, planning, and predictive and Big Data analytics.


Simplify and optimise complex multi-party processes and reduce reliance on intermediaries with blockchain and distributed ledger technology.

Data Intelligence

Monetize your data, create new revenue streams, and become a truly data-driven business with data intelligence services.

Big Data

Use an in-memory database and the latest tools in Big Data management to unify all your data in a trusted landscape to feed advanced applications and analytics.

The power of SAP Leonardo intelligent technologies Whether you want to transform processes, deliver new products and services, or do something completely different SAP Leonardo can help make it happen.

Deep expertise

Collaborate with designers, business transformation consultants, and industry and technology experts to create the best solution for your company.

Use Cases

Choose from pre-defined use cases or let us help you create a completely new use case that addresses a specific business challenge or opportunity.

Working prototype

Walk away with a functioning, market-ready prototype and blueprint for implementation. We can also help you implement your prototype if you prefer.

Digital innovation

Make existing processes and applications more intelligent, develop new applications based on the latest tech, and create brand new business models.

User-centric approach

Take a creative, human-centric approach to digital transformation with a design-led development process based on real end users and their needs.

Integration and scalability

Integrate with your enterprise architecture and seamlessly scale new business models post go-live on an open, extendable digital business platform.