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Helping businesses to improve their business processes and to embrace technology. 

industry 4.0
Industry 4.0

Smart Production

As a software company our specialization is in ERP implementation and provide business management consultancy

Served 100+ companies with different segments and still counting and innovating our solution.  

Factory Automation Solutions

Automation is the future and tool to survive in today’s market. Our core intention of all the solution to keep it automatics and as per rules.

Now you can talk with your machines. Our automation solution helps in integrating all your machinery to integrate with ERP and analysis of data in real time.

Companies are now making more accurate and fast decision  using industrial Iot Solutions. 


How we help to improve your business

Identifying & defining the problem

We start with a basic introspection of your existing methods and through extensive software analysis we identify & specify the problems.

Inputs, outputs

An error in a business model or process reflects the most on the outputs of the same. All these mutually dependable variables are to be taken care for optimum outcomes.

Mapping out the process

A process map is used to visually depict the flow of work when designing a business process. It’s a planning tool we apply on your working model to customize the perfect solution in accordance of your need.


We believe in rigorously testing the software before implementing it in your work. We don’t want any faulty mechanism to sabotage the business you have worked so hard for, serving you the best helps serving our purpose.

Integrating Audit Process

Better business process always keeps your auditing in flow. ACCU360 have all the controlling.


ACCU360 ERP have full proven controlling process which helps not only in tracking business process but also keeps you update.

What People are Saying

At first we were a little sceptic about this whole financial automation situation using ERP tools because of our prior experience with SAP B1. We used it for almost 2 to 3 years and somehow found the user interface somewhat difficult to manage. But after coming across ACCU360 ERP my whole perception of the ordeal was changed. The ACCU360 enterprise edition not only is user friendly but also gives me 24*7 access to my accounts. It helps me to monitor & manage my finances very easily and the cloud version makes everything a piece of cake. ACCU360 has made me able to extend our franchise by 14 new branches without investing a cent for the IT infrastructure.
Hardeep Singh
CEO, Singh Wheels India Pvt. Ltd.
I am sincerely grateful of Nano Informatics for coming up with such prominent business managing software. Our business is completely dependent on ACCU360. It makes every business process efficient & reduces operation time by enhancing the alignment of operations & strategies. It has made sales & purchases so swift that the whole billing cycle is completed in mere 2 minutes. It saves us a great deal of investment on both time & man power. Truly the best ERP tool we have ever used. One of the many perks of using this application is that once you install it there is no necessity for additional software because ACCU360 itself has all the modules required.
Deepak Lunawat
CEO, RKL Fabrication

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